Robot Inspection

Inspectors use GMS to share checklists, notes, pictures, etc. Teams can be placed in inspection queues and assigned to RIs. Inspector Managers work totally free of paper. View Best Practices with GMS,


GMS supports judging at FIRST events by facilitating the tasks for the Judge Advisor, Judges and the Judge Match Observers. GMS offers each of these roles with functions customized for their specific tasks.

Match Queuing

Queue Managers use tablets to easily track teams for each match. Pit Runners check off teams on a color coded Pit map while others check off teams on a match schedule.

Team Scouting

Teams get Pit and Match scouting. Notes from multiple scouts are automatically merged. Teams also see the latest Pit Admin announcements & Match Schedules.

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About Vandana and Raj

Anything worth doing is worth overdoing

Vandana has enthusiastically volunteered as a Judge and the MAR Deans List Judge Manager. She is a professor for Art History at Raritan Valley Community College.

Raj has been involved with FIRST for 8 years and has been a LRI, Inspector, Judge and Queuer. He is an Engineering Consultant and specializes in Security.

About MAR

Mid Atlantic Robotics covers FRC in NJ, DE and PA (east of Highway 81)

What People Are Saying

Feedback on GMS

  • "..very simple to use and understand. All my volunteers thought highly of it."

    Koko Ed Patterson, Mentor, FRC 191
  • "I spent more time with the kids and less time doing paper work, I could find the teams, make notes and take photos of problems."

    John Eppley, LRI at MAR
  • "As a match observer, GMS was invaluable. I was able to take notes on each team and use the 'questionaire' when needed."

    R. Sisk, Senior Mentor, RI, Judge, ...