Best Practices: Device Setup
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Setup suggestions for tablets.. 1

Protect your investment.. 1

Initial Setup for Android devices. 1

Initial Setup for Kindle Fire. 2

Useful user configurations for Android.. 3

Resetting tablets after an event.. 3

Setup suggestions for Laptops.. 4

Backup Server.. 4

Judge Advisor Server.. 6


Setup suggestions for tablets

Protect your investment

"Tablet 1. Property of XYZ. If found, please contact 222-555-1212"

where "Tablet 1" is the assigned device number/name.

Initial Setup for Android devices

Settings System: Date & Time ...

Settings About Phone/Tablet Status Serial Number (scroll up)

Settings Security Owner Info

"Property of XYZ. If found, please contact 222-555-1212"

Initial Setup for Kindle Fire

 (say ok to get Google Play Services)


Useful user configurations for Android

Settings Accessibility Color Correction (on) pick one of 3 modes

Settings Accessibility High Contrast

    1. Settings Display Font size Large or Huge
    2. Settings Accessibility Large Text

Settings Accessibility Auto-rotate screen (un-check)

Settings Display Sleep 10 minutes

Settings Security Screen Lock None

Resetting tablets after an event

Sometimes volunteers may leave inappropriate content on the tablet, which may offend the next tablet user.

        Delete contents of the following directories (do not delete the directory, just make it empty)

-      com.pejaver.gms/

-      DCIM/Camera/

-      Videos/

-      Music/

-      Pictures/

-      Downloads/

-      Bluetooth/

-       To list missing apps, start Google Play Store on the tablet, click on Menu (3 bars) "My apps & games" "All"

Setup suggestions for Laptops

Basic laptop installations are described in the QuickStart User Guide (Local Model.) Laptops can be used as the main GMS server (in Local mode) or the Backup Server (in Local and Cloud mode.)

Backup Server

A "Backup" server mirrors data in the main GMS server and can be used if the latter becomes inaccessible. It is recommended that the Pit Admin or the Inspection Manager workstation be configured as a Backup server. Conversely, the Backup server can be used as the Pit Admin or IM workstation.

The Backup server should be configured to be fully functional, even though tablets will not be connecting to it. This minimizes the switch-over time for Disaster Recovery. Setting up a separate "Backup" WiFi AP is recommended. The following diagram shows the connectivity during normal operations and when the Backup server is being used to recover from some failure.

Start by setting up the Backup Server for "Normal Operation" as shown in the figure above. Set up the laptop. Refer to full directions in the QuickStart Guide. To summarize:

Connect the Laptop to the Event site WiFi network. Login using the default Demo or LRI account. Select the desired event and click on Back. You may need to login again.

To sync with the Master GMS server, select: Tools Configuration.




At this point the Backup Server is operational and can be used to make changes. It will get updates from the Master server.


Continue configurations to prepare for Disaster. Set up the WiFi AP. Refer to directions in the WiFi AP Configuration Guide. The AP will be placed close to the Inspection Station. It need not provide perfect coverage for the whole Event area. Connect it to the WiFi AP using an Ethernet cable. The laptop's WiFi will be used to connect to the main server. Select: Tools Configuration.

Select: View Tablet Setup QR. This should display a QR 2D "Bar Code".

Find and display the generated PNG file in folder: state \ 2016 \ FRC \ event name \ server address.png

In the directory path above, substitute the year number for 2016, series for FRC and use the appropriate event name

Set up a tablet and try to connect to this server.


Judge Advisor Server

For privacy reasons, Judge Advisors should have a dedicated laptop placed in the Judge's rooms. One day, hopefully, this section will describe how it should be set up. TBD.


Rajaram Pejaver, July 2014

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