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GMS is like Harry Potter's paper schedule sheet.  It updates itself as the teams move from their Pit to the Event Arena.

There should be one Lead Queue Manager.  This person

A good idea is to have 3 Checkpoint stations: A, B & C.

• Station A:       The queue area next to the Field. 

• Station B:       a mid point along the way from the Pit to the Field

• Station C:      the Pits

On the tablet, team number colors have the following meanings:

On the tablet, station colors (below team number) change each time you touch the team.  If you touch it by mistake, touch it again 3 more times till it is the color you want it to be.

Use the following meanings for station colors:

If you want to see why a team is marked Red (not allowed on the field), view the Team Details.  Long press on the team and select Details.  You will see their Inspection State.

The match number & time of the next match is colored Green.  The two following matches are colored Yellow.  The default "Lead time" can be increased from 2 by a setting on the server.

If scores are available, they show up under the match number.

To change your own station, long press on a team and select your new station. 

When a match starts, long press on the time and select time of start.  The 'Current' match counter will advance to the next match.  This information will be shared with all other GMS users.

Alternatively, just touch a match that you want to queue.  This change is NOT shared.

As a Queuer, if you want to remind yourself about a team for some reason (perhaps they borrowed your pencil), you can mark them.  They will be highlighted the next time they appear.  Long press on the team and select Mark.  That team will be marked Orange.

You can also take pictures of the robot or make additional notes on the Team Notes page.  Just for fun.  These notes are not shared.

Tablet settings: