User Guide: Match Announcer

GMS gives Match Announcers a handy tool that displays the names and sponsors of the teams in the allainces.

Logging in

GMS can operate in one of 3 modes: Online, Web based and Offline.

If GMS is being used at an event, then the Match Announcer can login to the GMS server.  This allows them to view the latest schedules for the current match phase.  Enter the IP address & port number for the server and select the Online radio button.  Login using the user ID configured on the server.

If GMS is not being used at the event, then the Match Announcer can operate using online information on the Internet.  For In-Season events, GMS can download the team list and schedule.  Select the 'Use Web' radio button and login using any user ID and password.  The IP address info is ignored.  Internet access will be required.  The event can be selected from the list of events.  Note that each column can be sorted by touching the column header.

After the team list and schedule have been downloaded using either of the above two modes, GMS can operate Offline.  It does not attempt to communicate with any server in this mode.

Home Screen

The Match Announcer home screen will be displayed only if a schedule is available for the current match phase.  If there is no schedule, then either a Pit Map or Team list will be displayed.  Logout and login again when the schedules are available.



Select the previous or next match by clicking the appropriate button.  Return to the "current" match by clicking the center button.  GMS will not know what the "current" match is, unless it is connected to an online server.

Clicking on a team will display details of that team, including the team's schedule.  Clicking on the Details button displays even more information on that team, including its award history.


The team's sponsors are usually listed below each team's name & number.  Match Announcers typically skip reading out the sponsor information after the first time.  This mode can be enabled by selecting Menu -> Settings -> Terse/Expert Mode.

To see a demo, login using demo / demo / Match Announcer, and press Offline. 


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