If you try it, you'll want to buy it. But you can't buy it, it's free...

The GMS version for 2019 DEEP SPACE is available. Please contact me if you want to use it. Over the last summer, the mobile client was updated to use the latest Andoid API (Pie 28). It also allows the Pit Map to be zoomed into. The server was updated to use Python 3.7 & QT5. Unicode is now supported, needed since many team names contain emojis. Recent feature updates and the Bug List are listed at here.

Though GMS was built to the highest quality standards, it is available "as is" without any warranty, expressed, implied, assumed or hoped for. It has been tested extensively and used during the last 3 seasons. If you find something wrong and can describe it to me, I will do my utmost to fix the issue. Likewise, GMS is offered without any guarantee of support. But it is my baby, I'll do my utmost to help you. Read the manual before you ask for help.

GMS comprises 2 parts: an Android app and a PC based server. Before you even think of asking, there are no plans to build an iOS version.